When should you consider seeing a career counselor?

  • When you are unfulfilled with your current career but you can’t seem to identify the reason why or find a solution to the problem
  • When you want to find the “right” career for you but are unsure of the steps to make it happen.
  • When you’re unemployed and in need of a job but don’t know the strategies to use to become employed.
  • When you are ready to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence but don’t know how to begin the process.
  • When you want to advance your career and want to learn tips on negotiation, politics and “managing up.”
  • When you have some barriers to career success and want to reach your potential.

In what ways can a career counselor help you?
A career counselor can:

  • Help you identify where you are in the career development process and guide you through the specific steps that will help you formulate and implement an action plan.
  • Provide you with questions and other various self-assessment exercises to help you more clearly identify your preferences and needs.
  • Acquaint you with many useful resources to explore compatible career options.
  • Work with you to help you identify and remove barriers that keep you from making constructive career-related decisions.
  • Assist you in setting positive, useful goals and taking action. The career counselor will not decide which career is right for you but will help with the decision-making process.
  • Help you work through issues of low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression that might be in the way of your career success.

Do career counselors place individuals in jobs?

  • No, the role of a career counselor is not to place someone in a specific job. A career counselor will assist you in developing an effective job search strategy and help you execute it with the right tools until you land your next job!
  • A career counselor will, however, familiarize and assist you in the proper use of the job-search tools needed to find a compatible and satisfying position.

How many sessions does it typically take to resolve career concerns?

  • Since Ilana uses a very individualized approach with each client, and many of them have multiple concerns, the exact number of sessions needed varies.
  • For clients who need much self-assessment work, in addition, to help with career exploration, decision-making, or job-search strategies, a typical number of sessions is six to ten in order to identify new possibilities.  Many clients continue on for executive coaching, long-term planning, and coaching. Clients who are considering major career transitions may take longer to identify new career possibilities and take the plunge.

What typically happens in the first session with a career counselor?

  • The initial session is typically used as a comprehensive intake regarding your career history, educational experiences, personal story as well as career goals.  The information will help Ilana evaluate the current situation and recommend next steps in our journey together. Next steps may include career assessments, counseling or coaching. The plan is customized for each person’s needs.  Ilana’s approach is flexible and holistic.