Ilana Levitt has uncommon insight, extraordinary intuition, and an easy-going manner that makes her sharp intelligence all the more enjoyable.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else to clarify my goals and advance my career.  She is a gem, and you will celebrate the day you met her for years to come.

CNS, Head of School, NY and NH.

Ilana possesses a wonderful combination of gifts that make her an invaluable career coach.  First off, she is down-to-earth and highly grounded, which lends solidity to all we discuss.  This is coupled with her appreciation for serendipity and the sometimes magical and mysterious unfolding of a process.  Furthermore, Ilana is respectful of the journey we are all on—as human beings, and as individuals in search of meaning and fulfillment in our work.  She has given me permission to accept my own interests, preferences, and values without judgment.  I recommend Ilana to anyone I know who is seeking support, guidance, and facilitation in their career journey.  May you be so lucky as to have her accompany you too!

— YS, Brooklyn, NY, Consultant and Coach

“Many people believe that career counseling is an exercise in rewriting or updating your resume. While working with Ilana I have found career counseling to be one of the most enriching and invigorating experiences of my life. I came in with one set of ideas and presumptions and through Ilana’s counseling, coaching, compassion, and targeted exercises, I have come away with a new appreciation for who I am and what I can do. Ilana’s extensive background in career counseling enables her to meet each of her clients’ needs.”

— P. M.F. Laurence Harbor, NJ

“I began talking with Ilana about career coaching for someone in my family and now gladly send my clients to her.  She has a warm and sensitive manner, is direct yet caring, and gives concrete suggestions and ideas. It is a pleasure to work with her as she understands psychological issues and how they affect work life problems.  She is a highly skilled professional.”

— Iris L., LCSW, New York, NY, psychoanalyst

“Ilana is a wonderful dynamo who offers advice, strength, warmth, and counseling. With her help and support, I explored my interests, aspirations, and skills and can firmly say I have found my calling. I now manage comedians which to me is the perfect combination of my background and interest in helping people. On a daily basis, I am a coxswain, an advocate, a social worker, a matchmaker, and a friend. I am extremely thankful. Ilana, you rock!”

— LN, Brooklyn, NY

“A career choice is one of the most important paths you select in your life. However, for many of us who went to school 10 or more years ago, little effort was made to make a carefully considered match between a person’s personality and his or her chosen career. The result of this is a great many people who find themselves mid life with frustration and lack of career satisfaction. I found myself at such a point at age 52 after a career in consumer advertising account management. Ilana Levitt helped me to analyze my strengths, interests, and talents and gave me numerous leads for pursuing them. Having worked with her to identify fine arts as the second career I would like to follow, I have started a Certificate Program in Fine and Decorative Arts at NYU. I am not 100 percent certain where this will lead, but I feel that I have made the right first step thanks to her. Not only is Ilana a knowledgeable professional, but she is perceptive and understanding.”

— KP, New York, N

Here’s what others are saying…

“Love Her, encouraged interaction, exchange of ideas, and provided materials and resources. Ilana is a very dynamic speaker.

She keeps your attention…” “Ilana is a natural communicator and educator. Very informative and interesting.” “Ilana was fantastic. She was very engaging and credible.”

“llana is a very skilled and dynamic presenter, as well as pioneering the connection between career choice and the psychodynamics or our relationship with our parents (esp Mom).”

“Ilana’s session was wonderful!! She used every moment of our time together to share great information, have us work with the topic, and had really good activities and examples that brought the ideas to life for us.”

“Very good information to help struggling job seekers get out of a negative rut…I could have listened to Ilana for hours. She is so knowledgeable and an excellent speaker.”

“Gifted presenter. Ilana’s messages are always informative and practical.

“Ilana is a wealth of knowledge.”