2020 is the year of authenticity and courage! How do I know that? Here are a pool of popular words we received from you all through the month of January!


courage, discipline, self-management, priorities, impact, authentic, vision, growth, momentum, authentic, honest, intention, and collaboration.

Why is courage showing up so often? Perhaps it’s the current state of the world and response to all the news. We do need courage to not live in fear about the future.  Perhaps courage is what we need to deal with other people’s needs and reactions- as no two people in the world see the world the same way and that takes careful navigation- at work and at home on a daily basis.

If courage is what we need to deal with FEAR (sometimes described as False Expectations Appearing Real)  then our fear is what we have to explore further. What is it that each of us are afraid of?  So many of us often get ahead of ourselves, anticipating problems before they arise, having anxiety about what COULD be,  rather than what is. We are working on overdrive to address these things that haven’t even happened yet.  Regardless of what is causing your fear, and why you need courage…stay with your word and find your amazing internal power to advance yourself for 2020.

I love one of Oprah’s quotes someone shared with me- instead of just one word on the topic of courage…“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”  Let’s get out there and get what we need and want.