The focus and analysis of Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace is only growing in conversation. Given the name the “me generation,” this creative, open and transparent age group entering the workforce offers a new set of skills and perspectives in all fields. Though as our society continues to evolve, one can only help but question how career paths and company structure will change.

In this day when social media is so prevalent, everyone is posting their best moments, recent accomplishments and new developments, that can make one question their own path. By looking at those around us, individuals can have a hard time choosing a major in school or know where to begin in their job search.

With the influence of social media it can be easy to look at someone you follow and parallel it to your own life. At times this can make an individual question their own identity and what core values they want to bring into the workplace. One career might look great online from what your peer displays, but the depths behind the posts are often hidden and can ultimately be misleading.

By logging onto Facebook or LinkedIn one can instantly see new updates from friends that can alter your confidence and self-esteem. If you think, “why didn’t I get that job,” when you have the same credentials, it can be hard to rediscover your individuality. This follows along with the self-comparison theory that comes from the constant use of our digital devices.

To start, understand that social media is a highlight reel. What might seem glamorous might not meet your true needs. Whenever you view something that professionally seems intriguing, don’t look at that post as a comparison of where you are not at yet, but as a way to do some research.

Look into that specific field and that companies’ values to see if they align with the vision you have for your future. Use social media for inspiration instead of getting bogged down or poorly influenced. If you feel interested in someone’s posts, instead of becoming frustrated, reach out to that peer and ask the steps they took to get the job they’re posting about. Don’t feel discouraged by where you are not at yet, but think of this as a vision board for how you can get to where you want to be.