What’s Mom is getting attention on the silver screen! I had the honor of being a guest on Jodi Topitz’s show we2me, a show focusing on divorce and transition that airs on Princeton Community TV.

With Jodi, I discussed how the ideas found in What’s Mom Still Got To Do With it?  can apply to women going through a divorce, and more generally about career transition. Jodi has built her career with a focus on creating a positive, healthy and beautiful external space within the home to help one cope with transition, specifically divorce. In contrast, I focus on helping people cultivate their internal space in order to advance their careers in a healthy way. Both sharing a love of color, art and design, we had a lot of fun discussing the daughter types, as well as the influence mothers,  have on relationships and self-confidence, and how women navigate life.  Jodi immediately identified with being “Bootstrap Brenda” and having to be the grown-up within her mother-daughter relationship, but she was excited to learn some of the more subtle ways that she could keep launching her career, at any age, through the strengths she’s developed as a bootstrap daughter.

Some people think that mother-daughter relationships and careers is an odd pairing, in the same way that they may think that divorce and decor may be an odd pairing, but I think that Jodi and I have shown otherwise. Through our discussion, we’ve even shown that there is a connection between her divorce/decor pairing and my mother/career pairing.  It was so much fun getting to discuss the ideas found in What’s Mom Still Got To Do With It? with another professional who can look at them through a slightly different lens.

Watch the full episode below, and don’t forget to check out Jodi’s website at http://we2me.com/